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10800pcs Clay Beads for Bracelet Making Kit 72 Colors Spacer Heishi Beads Jewelry Making Kit

10800pcs Clay Beads for Bracelet Making Kit 72 Colors Spacer Heishi Beads Jewelry Making Kit

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10800pcs Clay Beads for Bracelet Making Kit - 72 Colors Spacer Heishi Beads JewelryMaking Kit

Unlock a world of creative possibilities with our expansive clay bead kit. Featuring a vibrant palette of 72 captivating colors, this kit includes 10,800pcs of clay beads along with an array of accessories to fuel your imagination.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Package: Dive into creativity with 3 boxes of clay beads in 72 exquisite colors, totaling 10,800pcs. The kit also includes 200 oblate letter beads (A-Z), 35 golden star beads, 35 small golden square beads, 30 clasps, 10 lobster clasps, 50 5mm jump rings, 8 charm pendants, 5 shells, and 2 rolls of elastic string.
  • Safety Assured: Crafted from environmentally friendly polymer clay, our beads ensure safety, comfort, and everyday wearability. Handmade with care, they are waterproof, skin-friendly, and add elegance to your creations.
  • Vibrant Color Array: With an assortment of 72 colors, our kit empowers you to craft bracelets, necklaces, and gifts that reflect your creative vision.
  • Versatile Craftsmanship: From necklaces to earrings and beyond, our clay beads set caters to diverse DIY crafting endeavors. Share your creations with family and friends on various festive occasions, adding meaning to your gifts.
  • Strengthen Bonds: Collaborate with your child to create a nurturing parent-child environment. As you work together, you're not only enhancing their skills but also fostering imagination, color appreciation, and concentration.

Experience the Joy of Creative Expression:

Our 10800pcs Clay Beads for Bracelet Making Kit invites you to explore the vast landscape of jewelry creation. With 72 captivating colors, each box holds endless potential, allowing you to craft vibrant necklaces, bracelets, and personalized gifts. Craft with safety, embrace variety, and strengthen bonds with this extraordinary kit.

Limitless Possibilities:

Immerse in creativity with 3 boxes of 72-color clay beads, comprising 10,800pcs. Complemented by diverse accessories like letter beads, star beads, and more, it's your gateway to endless jewelry-making potential.

Safety & Elegance Combined:

Crafted from eco-friendly polymer clay, our beads offer everyday comfort. Waterproof and skin-friendly, they add sophistication to your creations, ensuring they can be enjoyed in any setting.

Craft in Vivid Hues:

With an expansive color range, this kit sparks your imagination. Craft an array of bracelets, necklaces, and unique gifts that reflect your personal style, all while embracing the vibrancy of 72 captivating colors.

Unleash Your Creativity:

From bracelets to earrings, our clay beads set paves the way for diverse DIY projects. Elevate your gifting game by sharing your unique creations with family and friends during various festive occasions.

Bond through Creativity:

Collaborate with your child to create an enriching parent-child experience. As you create together, you're not only refining practical skills but also nurturing imagination, enhancing color appreciation, and fostering concentration.

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