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184 pcs Large Sewing Kits for Adult, Sewing Kit for Beginners, Emergency, Sewing Supplies Mending Kit, Accessories with Notions Thread, Scissors, Needles

184 pcs Large Sewing Kits for Adult, Sewing Kit for Beginners, Emergency, Sewing Supplies Mending Kit, Accessories with Notions Thread, Scissors, Needles

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184pcs Large Premium Sewing Supplies Sewing Kit For Traveller Adults Kids Emergency Diy Home Mother's Day gift

What You Will Get:

  • 1 * PU leather case & 40 * color pins & 38 * XL thread coils (100m with plastic cylinder)

  • 30 * Sewing Needles &20 * Spare Buttons & 5 * Metal Snap Buttons

  • 10 * Safety Pins &10 *Large Eye Needles &9 * Locking Stitch Markers

  • 4 * Plastic Bobbins &3 * Sewing Clips & 1 * Classic Pumpkin Pin Cushion

  • 1 * Magnifying glass &1 * Plastic Needle Threader & 1 * Large Stainless Steel Scissors

  • 1 * Soft Tape Measure &1*Retractable tape measure &1 * Easy Pull Threader

  • 1 * Fabric Pencil &1 * Seam Ripper &1 * Knitting Needle

  • 2 * Thimbles & 1 * Crochet Hook (3.5mm)


Large Premium Sewing Supplies :This sewing kit comes with a large collection of premium sewing supplies, making it perfect for all your sewing needs.

• Traveller-Friendly :With its compact size and lightweight design, this sewing kit is perfect for travelers who need to carry their sewing essentials with them.

• Emergency DIY Kit :This sewing kit is not only great for regular sewing projects but also serves as an emergency DIY kit in case of unexpected repairs.

• Home Button Repair Kit :If you're looking to repair buttons on your clothes or household items, this sewing kit is perfect for you with its home button repair kit.

About this item:

  • All In One DIY SEWING KIT - This Travel Sewing Kit contains all the sewing tools you need,including 38 high quality XL thread spools,needles, buttons, pins, hook, thimbles, pencil, threader, buttons, sewing pins, scissors, magnifier, measuring tape etc.With this repair sewing kit, no worry about rips, tears, holes, unraveled hems, missing buttons and other emergency clothes repairs.A best professional sewing set.

  • Easy To Carry- All sewing accessories in a compact case(10.2*7.8*1.5in) well compact makes it more easier to get and store up all the sewing requires, this ideal size can slip into suitcase, briefcase, office desk drawer, or car. You will always be prepared for any hand sewing emergencies.

  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL - There is no need for a sewing box or basket; we have selected all the essential materials. With over 100 pieces to choose from, it provides easy access for those quick, on-the-go repairs. It is great for replacing missing buttons, fixing ripped seams, a quick hem touch-up or adding to your embroidery collection or complimenting your sewing machine. The kit can be used for home, DIY, hobby, beginners, emergency, adult and children, camping, hiking etc.

  • Great Gift-This sewing kit makes an amazing gift for Mother's Day, and is convenient for frequent travelers, mothers, grandmothers, backpackers and young girls! The sewing kit is good for women, and is definitely something that people love to use regardless of the season.

  • Enjoy the Fun of Hand Sewing,Sewing Kits Make Your Life Easier.

    Life can be wild, buttons may snap, hems can get worn and seams may undo unexpectedly. Don't let such issues put a dampener on your day, keep the Sewing kit close at bay.

    The child's hands-on ability can be improved by strengthening the exercise, and gain the ability to live independently. Our kit sewing widely suitable for adults, kids ,beginners, traveler. It's the best DIY sewing kit for kids and adults . You can enjoy the fun of hand sewing with your kids at home.

    Sewing Kit is just the tool you need. Our portable compact kit is packed with all the high-quality sewing necessities you will need.

Perfect Gift:

A Great Gift for Your Loved One! Offer a unique and unconventional present to your loved ones; one that is not only practical, and easy to use, but also thoughtful, since it allows its owner to mend, repair, or renew their clothes – or any kind of fabric for that matter!

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